Get Smart Now! - the Role Playing Game

- Get Smart Now is the role playing game most widely played in the whole history of role play gaming.
- That’s pretty hard to believe.
- Oh. Would you believe… it has hundreds of thousands of players from all across the globe? Hundreds of thousands! Would you believe that?
- No.
- How about… I played it once or twice with my girlfriend’s mum and two kids from the neighborhood?

Game Introduction

Get Smart Now! is a Role Playing Game based on the Get Smart! 1960's TV series (rather than the movies). The action happens in the present day, 40 years after the series ended. This setting provides the background for fast-moving action-packed modern spies stories, trying to capture also the humor and tone of the original series, and not taking itself too seriously.

The rules are based on the FATE 3.0 system, an implementation of Fudge well known by the game Spirit of the Century, on which this game is based heavily.

Setting Introduction

After the end of the cold war the counter-espionage agency CONTROL ceased to be relevant. During the years after the fall of the Berlin wall, its budget and influence was reduced to the minimum. Nonetheless, CONTROL has remained operative until today. The reason is simple: it’s used as dump by all the other national security agencies, which transfer to CONTROL their most useless agents and the irrelevant missions no one wants to take care of.

On the present day Maxwell Smart, the legendary Agent 86, is the Chief of CONTROL. Despite he is 79 years old he keeps his mind faculties and mastery of his body as young as ever, i.e. at the level of a six years old child. Since no one expects much from CONTROL, he has total freedom to run it his way.

CONTROL is now a tiny organization that belongs to the department of Homeland Security. It’s made up of a ragtag bunch of misfit agents transferred from other agencies (CIA, FBI, Army…) They use obsolete methods and their budget is ridiculously low, but they still have a baggage of expertise in old school espionage and access to the most advanced technologies… of the sixties: invisible ink, “miniaturized” tape recorders that fit in a ring bell alarm clock, and of course: the shoephone.

During the last decades CONTROL did only take care of the most unimportant missions, but that is going to change soon. In the end of 2009 a new threat menaces the free world. The CIA has found proof that shows a recent terrorist attack is related with KAOS, the International Organization of Evil, which was presumed defunct. For this reason they have contacted the only still operative agent with expertise about KAOS: Maxwell Smart. Finally the chance has come to put CONTROL back in the first line, and if CONTROL succeeds in defeating KAOS, it might be put back in the position it deserves…


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