Example Characters


File Record

He was recruited by the CIA because of his extraordinary mind. He has photographic memory and he can do complicated calculations on his head very fast. He also has a natural psychic talent.

On the other hand, his mind is a bit unstable, to say the least. During a very stressful operation, he suffered a complete mental breakdown. After he recovered, he kept an array of psychological disorders as a result of it, including: obsessive-compulsive tendencies, strange phobias, maniac-depressive personality, psychotic outbreaks, and a few others, some of which had never seen before in the history of medicine.

No one wanted to deal with him afterwards, so he was parked in CONTROL. Oddly enough, his new boss Maxwell Smart considers he is a very equilibrated, sane, and trustworthy agent, and that's why he always sends him to the most delicate missions.


A short mousy little man, with thick glasses. He looks very nervous.

Training and Scores
  • Analysis (5)
  • Influence (4)
  • Combat (3)
  • Access (2)
  • Special Skills (1)
  • Nervous like a deer.
  • Telepatic mind reading powers.
  • Psychic detective.
  • Photographic memory.
  • Array of psychological disorders.
  • The human computer.


File Record

A cold and mysterious super-spy woman. She is an expert in ninja techniques that make her very effective in infiltration and covert missions. She is also an expert in disguise and impersonation.

She almost never speaks, except when she is pretending to be someone else, then she uses a special zen technique she learned in the orient to completely identify herself with the person she is impersonating, allowing her the ability to think and act like this person would and making her almost impossible to get caught.

This ability has brought her some trouble a few times, since sometimes she gets so carried by her persona that she gets sidetracked from her mission. This problem, and the mistrust she causes in other people because of her strange personality, is what brought her to CONTROL.


Slender, tall, and attractive woman. She has long blonde hair. She moves silently, her eyes quickly scanning the room.

Training and Scores
  • Infiltration (5)
  • Influence (4)
  • Combat (3)
  • Conditioning (2)
  • Operations (1)
  • Silent assassin.
  • Secret ninja technique.
  • Mind total identification.
  • Mistress of disguise.
  • Unknown personality.
  • Shy and innocent looking.


File Record

He would be the perfect suave, playboy spy. He has the glamour, attractive, charisma, class… except one little detail: he is completely clumsy as a man of action. As a calmed, relaxed kind of man, he prefers to solve the situations using his dimplomacy and natural charisma, avoiding violence.

He likes to enjoy life, live in luxury, and seduce women. Actually that's the only part of the spy job that he likes, and he considers everything else to be a nuisance.


Elegant middle aged man. He is fit and attractive, despite his hair is starting to turn grayish.

Training and Scores
  • Fieldwork (5)
  • Influence (4)
  • Combat (3)
  • Access (2)
  • Conditioning (1)
  • Uncontrolable womanizer.
  • Old school gentleman.
  • Always well dressed.
  • Relax.
  • Hates violence.
  • Secret affair with the secretary of CONTROL.


File Record

A former engineer and commando in the army and a strong, muscular woman. She is usually very nice, but she has an anger management problem and is prone to violent outbreaks.

Her greatest hobbies are electronics and demolitions. For this reason, she always carries hidden gadgets, many of them explosive, and takes advantage of every chance to use them.

Because of her passion for blowing things up, and her own explosive personality, she is considered a dangerous person to be around. Out of fear, her superiors have been pushing her aside from one department to another until she ended in CONTROL.


Strong woman with short black hair and a cigar on her mouth.

Training and Scores
  • Conditioning (5)
  • Combat (4)
  • Systems (3)
  • Operations (2)
  • Access (1)
  • Hidden gadgets.
  • Explosive!
  • Rage outbreaks.
  • Military commando background.
  • Demolitions.
  • Bodybuilder.


File Record

A young man who just came out of the CIA academy. He is the greatest fan of Maxwell Smart and he holds him up as the perfect secret agent in history (his vision of Smart is slightly distorted, since it's mostly based on the secret memoires of the Agent 86, which contain a few "exaggerations" regarding his accomplishments).

He is the only person in 30 years who has volunteered to join CONTROL, so he is considered a bit crazy, but actually he is a very talented agent, very dedicated, and loyal. Unfortunately since he is the "newbie" no one takes him seriously.

Despite he is one of the most devoted and hard worker agents in CONTROL, he still has an internship contract with the agency.


Dark haired young enterprising man.

Training and Scores
  • Operations (5)
  • Combat (4)
  • Conditioning (3)
  • Systems (2)
  • Analysis (1)
  • "What would Maxwell Smart do?"
  • Newbie.
  • Dedicated and passionate volunteer.
  • Internship contract.
  • By the book.
  • For freedom and democracy!

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